Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan | Group V | Dr. V. P. Singh

Dr. V. P. Singh,
Central Coordinator for Canada
Sri Sathya Sai International Seva Organization
Windsor, Canada.

Dr. V. P. Singh was a business management consultant in active service at Windsor, Ontario, Canada for several years. Since 1973, he has been actively associated with Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization in Canada. Currently he is the Central Coordinator of the International Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization for Canada. An ardent devotee of Bhagavan, he narrates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'I was in Prasanthi Nilayam in 1981 for Bhagavan Baba's Birthday Celebreations. A few days later after the Birthday Celebrations, Bhagavan Baba asked me what my plans were. I replied that it was up to Him to decide. To this, He replied 'you stay for Christmas', and I obeyed.

When I reached my apartment, that same day, I found a telegram from my employer, which read: 'The situation with the Bank of Montreal is grave. Foreclosure stalled. Come or call immediately - Yours, Dan Bryan'. I was very surprised as this was quite unexpected. I did not know what to do. My wife suggested that I ask Swami for guidance.

To my good fortune, Swami left that afternoon for Bangalore where I would have the privilege of sitting inside His residence during darshan. The very next morning I was able to hand Him the telegram.

He kept it in His hands for about 5 minutes and gave it back to me without a word. After darshan, He called me inside His room and asked me to explain what was in the telegram. I spoke for at least half an hour and explained all the details of my relationship and position with my company. I was the Executive Vice President of Finance. Swami said 'it looks like you are having problems with the Bank'. I answered 'yes, Swami'. Then Swami clenched both His fists and said 'I have taken full responsibility of your Company' and showed me His tightly closed fists. He continued: 'Go and inform your President that you will return to Canada when you have Swami's permission, and tell him not to worry about anything as Swami has taken full responsibility. Report back to me after speaking with your President'.

Accordingly, I telephoned the President of my Company, to relay to him Swami's message. I explained everything, which our dearest Swami had told me. To my surprise, my President replied that I should not worry about anything. Apparently, the Executive Vice President of the Bank had informed him to let me know that I should enjoy my vacation without worries, and that all decisions would be postponed until my return to Canada.

The very next day, I conveyed this to Swami. Swami merely smiled and said 'you are happy now? Stay until Christmas!'

When I arrived home in Canada, after Christmas, my President and I visited the Bank to resolve the issues. The Bank Manger informed us that he was no longer willing to do business with our Company. We made arrangements to have the accounts transferred to another major Bank. However, the accounts were not transferred immediately. After work the next day, while I was preparing to go home, a stranger showed up in my office. He told me that he was an officer of a Trust Company and that he was interested in lending money to our business. I was astonished! Why did he think that we might be in need of money? What prompted him to visit our office? Why did I stay late at work on that day? Strangeā€¦ Swami's miracle at work! I provided this officer the information, which he requested, and sure enough, within four days, he confirmed the approval of a five million dollar loan. When my President heard this he was not only overjoyed, but also completely overwhelmed with surprise. Swami, as He had promised, had taken care of the matter.

I had earlier contracted the Federal Minister of Agriculture, with whom I was acquainted, and had spoken to him about our problem. He spoke to the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Finance, in turn, communicated with the Chairman of the Bank of Montreal in order to help us find a solution. Shortly afterwards, I received a telephone apology from the Bank's senior Vice President and a request not to transfer our accounts from the Bank of Montreal. I agreed, but on two conditions that the interest rate of our outstanding loan be lowered and that the recent administrative charges be refunded. The Senior Vice President was happy to accept these terms and made the necessary arrangements. So, we remained at the same Bank but under much more favourable conditions. Owing to Swami's grace, I earned good name and fame in the business community of Windsor City, where I lived. In addition, my Company's reputation and recognition grew, and became number one supplier in its field.

During one of my interviews with Swami, in 1984, Swami asked me to bring my mother to Puttaparthi. I suggested Gurupurnima time. Swami advised that Birthday would be more appropriate. I immediately agreed and thanked Him. My mother was very happy to hear that the Lord had invited her to His abode for His Birthday Celebrations.

Strange are the ways of the Divine. During the early part of October of that year, my mother suffered a stroke. She was paralyzed in the left side of her body and was hospitalized. She could not speak. I felt very bad that my mother would not be able to travel to Puttaparthi, and thought to myself that If Swami had accepted my suggestion for her visit during Gurupurnima, my mother would have had a chance to meet Bhagavan Baba. Now she would not be able to make it.

I sought the advice of the doctors, but had no encouragement. Naturally I was very disappointed. Two weeks after her stroke, there was no sign of improvement. All of sudden, during the third week, some signs of improvement showed. She could move her arm and leg. I was encouraged. In a few days, there was remarkable improvement and my mother could even walk with some support for a short distance. Although my mother's desire to visit Swami was intense, the doctors were totally against this venture. My mother and I made a decision contrary to the doctor's advice, and made arrangements for our visit to Puttaparthi. We left Windsor for India on November 9, 1984 and reached safely, without any problems. In order for my mother to have some rest during the journey, we stopped one day in London, one day in Bombay, and one day in Bangalore.

Therefore, our journey took three extra days. After we settled in Puttaparthi, I realized that even though I could take care of all of my mother's physical needs, I would not be able to bring her to darshan. The rules of the Ashram prevent men from going to the ladies side. As I was thinking about this problem the next morning, a lady, unknown to me, approached me and asked me if I would offer her accommodation. She, in turn, offered to bring my mother to darshan. I was happy and thanked Swami for this miracle.

The very same morning, Swami came directly to me and asked me when I had come. I answered 'last night, Swami.' Then the Lord commented: 'You were supposed to be here three days ago. Why you were late?' I answered that I had taken three days extra that my mother could have rest during the journey. As soon as I had finished my sentence, Swami replied 'you have no faith in Swami! Did you think that you were taking care of her? You did not have enough faith to know that when Swami invites someone, He takes complete care of everything!' I had no reply.'

-- Dr. V. P. Singh

(Source: The devotee's article in the special souvenir Tribute published by the Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust on the occasion of the 80th Birthday of Bhagavan.)