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General Suleiman Dawood,
Baghdad, Iraq.

'Here is an extraordinary example of how Baba's love draws people to Him in remarkable ways. Gen. Suleiman Dawood is an Iraqi who, for many years, served as the Chief of Baghdad Police. In 1977 he left the country, living in exile first in Turkey and then in Bulgaria. After the recent regime change in Iraq, he returned with his wife to his native land, only to find it in turmoil. Deeply pained by the violence he saw, Gen. Dawood kept on praying to Allah. One day in March 2004, he heard a voice saying, 'go to India'. At first he ignored the voice, thinking it was a hallucination. But when the call became persistent, he decided to go to India. Propelled by the inner urge, Gen. Dawood and his wife travelled by train, bus and taxi through Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, ending up in Amritsar. There they were advised to go south. Eventually they arrived in Puttaparthi, 24 days after leaving Baghdad. At the Puttaparthi Railway Station, Dawood took one look at Baba's photo and instantly realised that he had come to the right place. Love is an unfailing compass.'

(Extracted from the Special Supplement - Spiritual - of The Hindu, Wednesday, November 23, 2005.)