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Mr. Anil Putty (64), who retired as Zonal Coordinator of the Mehta Group of Companies, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'It is about in the late sixties or early seventies that I heard for the first time about Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, but I did not take Him seriously. In those days, the Blitz was carrying articles against Bhagavan, and I was one of those influenced by the Blitz. Though I had Bhagavan's darshan in 1975 at Jaipur from a distance, it did not create any impact on me.

In 1978 or 79, Swami was going by air to Hyderabad. I happened to be in the same flight. Almost all passengers went and made pranams to Swami, except me. On the other hand, I even made some derogatory comments.

In mid eighties, some one presented my wife a calendar carrying Swami's photograph. She hanged it in the bedroom. I used to pay regards to the picture along with the pictures of deities though I had no belief. After some days, it was torn and was removed. For a few days, I was paying respects even to the empty space where the calendar was hung earlier, perhaps, by force of habit. Or, may be I was playing a double game pretending as a devotee before devotees, and pooh-poohing before critics.

In 1997, my sister Mrs. Yasoda had to go out of station. 'Would you stay in my house till I returned?' she asked me. I had to oblige. I was enamoured of cricket. So I used to return from office and start watching cricket matches on TV. One day the TV did not function. So, to pass time, I looked for some book to read. I got a book by Murphet 'Man of Miracles' and read a few pages. Later, though the TV began to function again, I used to come early from office and read the book till the cricket match began. Thus over days, I completed it. After reading it, I was impressed, but still could not become a devotee. But the book made me decide that I should not talk derogatively or casually about Swami.

After that, I used to get Swami's literature from some one or other though I bought none on my own. One day I told my sister that I wanted to go to Prasanthi Nilayam. She was happy. One day I went to Whitefield in Bangalore where Bhagavan's ashram is situated. 'Where is the temple?' I asked someone. He showed me the bhajan hall. There were lot of people in it. 'Why so much crowd?' I asked. 'Bhagavan is not here' someone said. Another interjected 'He is very much here'. I somehow made my way and sat in a line there. 'There is not much rush this year' the person who sat next to me said, 'compared to last year'. 'I am coming here for the first time' I replied. He put his hand into his pocket and took out a large size laddu. 'Take this prasad' he told me, 'I am coming from Puttaparthi. This I brought from Parthi.'

I hesitated, but had to accept as he was pressing its acceptance. Some Japanese devotees sitting in front of me asked me something about nadi and the place where they could get in touch with those who could tell their nadi information. 'I don't know' I replied. Meanwhile, swami arrived. It was my second darshan. This time I felt a sort of blissful peace enveloping me. Swami then delivered His Divine discourse. It was so impressive that I listened to it with rapt attention. Then I wanted to share a thought with the gentleman who had given me the laddu-prasad. He was not there! I thought that Bhagavan came in that guise.

While returning, I found myself involuntarily chanting 'Sairam', which has become a habit ever since.

In May 1997, I was on my way to Calcutta and made a brief halt at Chennai. I was then carrying Sai Saccharitra with me. While going through it, I dozed off when I had a dream. I saw Shirdi Sai Baba in the dream. 'Are you really Shirdi Sai Baba?' I asked Him in the dream. 'Of course!' He replied, 'touch me, touch me'. I touched him and felt His body. The dream ended. I woke up, saw just then an aura escaping through the window, and was stunned.

In 1999, I went to Coimbattore and took a bus to Cochin. In the bus, I felt asleep and did not alight at Cochin. By the time I awoke, the bus was 100 km or so from Cochin. What to do? I felt that keeping quiet was the only way out. I had earlier told the driver that I had to alight at Cochin. He did not wake me up at Cochin. We came to Trivendrum. I got down and went to a friend. While I was with him, I noticed on the wall a photograph of Bhagavan. That was a Thursday. 'Is there any place where bhajan is held today?' I asked. He said 'there is a big building of a very well to do man where bhajan is held usually'. He did not remember the correct address, but gave some directions to reach the place. I could locate the building and went in.

'Who are you?' an old man, who was in the verandah, asked me, 'what brought you here?'

'I was told by a friend of mine that there is bhajan here today', I blurted out.

'There is no bhajan here' pat came the reply, somewhat curtly.

He appeared to be of reserved temperament. So I decided to apologise for the intrusion and leave.

'Bhajan is held today in Sai Mandir' he added, 'it is near the railway station'.

'Thanks a lot', I said preparing to leave 'awfully sorry for the disturbance'.

'Sit down' he said, 'my son will come. He will take you upstairs'.

After a few minutes, his son came.

'Show him upstairs' the old man said, adding 'no one can come here without Swami's sankalpa. He was obviously sent by Bhagavan'. I was taken upstairs. It is a very big hall where easily 200 people can sit and do bhajan. It was decorated tastefully. There is a room by its side. In that room, there were life size photographs of Shirdi Sai and Parthi Sai. Both the photographs were full of vibhuti, except on their faces. I was wonderstruck. There was a lingam placed in a bowl. Amrit was oozing out of the lingam. I prostrated in amazement.

'Since when these miracles have been occurring?' I asked.

'Since the Gurupoornima day in 1991' the son of the old man replied.

After coming down the stairs, I thanked them and was preparing to leave.

The old man ordered coffee for me. I took it.

'Come in', he invited me into his room.

'Swami stays here whenever He comes here' he told me, 'that is the chair on which He sat when He was here last time'.

I prostrated before the chair. The old man then put his hand on my head and blessed.

'Wait' he told me, 'I am also coming for bjhajan. I will take you there'.

We drove to Sai Mandir. Bhajan was held there. I was overwhelmed by the love and compassion of Bhagavan as I sang bhajans there, surcharged with emotion.

'Get up' the old man whispered into my ear, 'go and give arati'.

This was, indeed, the most unexpected grace. I got up and gave arati trembling with emotion.

They dropped me near the hotel where I was put up and left.

When I overshot Cochin in my sleep the previous night, I was utterly unhappy that the entire tour schedule of mine was upset. Perhaps, I might have even thought, 'why Swami! Why did you allow this happen to me?' We, human beings, with our limited knowledge, cannot understand the ways of the Divine. Now I feel immensely grateful to the Lord that He intentionally and mercifully caused me miss Cochin by falling asleep. If I had not missed Cochin that night, I would have missed a great blissful day the like of which I could never aspire to spend in an unknown place.'

-- Mr. Anil Putty

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 21.11.2005.)