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Mr. C. Nageswara Kumar (57), who voluntarily retired from the Indian Overseas Bank, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'In the early seventies, I was in Madras. Swami came to Madras in 1972 when I went and had His darshan.

In 1986, my mother, Mrs. Satyavathi began doing seva. She had been to Prasanthi Nilayam also for seva. This brought Bhagavan again after a gap into my focus.

In 1990, Anandajyothi programme was taken up when the jyothi was brought to our house also in Hyderabad. In those days my wife, Mrs. Nagalakshmi had a gynic problem. She was operated upon, but the improvement was marginal. One day vibhuti began to emanate from Bhagavan's photograph in the hall of our house. Gradually, vibhuti was emanating from all the photographs of deities. My mother used to apply that vibhuti to my wife. In those days, I used to smoke. 'Swami is in the house as seen from emanation of vibhuti' my wife told me, 'how could you smoke in His presence?'

'Oh! He is in the hall' I replied smoking contentedly, 'not in the bed room'.

Then suddenly there was vibhuti on the dressing table in the bed room! I was stunned. 'Swami is omnipresent' I realised and gave up smoking. Vibhuti emanated in our house daily as long as my wife was not well. It stopped only after she was healed completely.

In those days, we used to hold bhajan daily in our house. Whether any one else joined or not, my wife and I used to do it. One day we were giving arati. There is a life size photograph of Swami in the hall which can be seen from the street itself. That day, a stranger was in the doorway and staring at arati.

'Please come in' I asked him, 'and take arati'.

'I have not washed my feet' he said, 'I will be here'.

I took arati to Him. Then he went away and was not seen again.

I meditate daily, and Swami appears and tells me various things. Next day, when I was in meditation, Swami appeared. 'You have sent me away' Swami said, 'from the doorway itself'.

I regretted my impudence in not offering water to wash His feet so that He could come in.

In 1992, I was involved in a problem in the office for no fault of mine. I had to face an enquiry. 'I have to go for seva to Prasanthi Nilayam' I told the enquiry officer, 'so please let me know when you would like to conduct the enquiry'.

'You meditate and ask Swami' he suggested, 'and I will do accordingly'.

I meditated then and there when Swami told me 'finish it off now'. I told the enquiry officer to conduct the enquiry straightaway. Many people were telling me that it would be difficult for me to come out of it unscathed. I was not worried. 'I have not done any wrong' I used to tell them, 'Bhagavan will take care'. I was exonerated in the end owing to Swami's grace.

In 1995, I performed the marriage of my daughter Sasikala. I wanted to give the wedding invitation to Swami. How? I sat in meditation. 'Come to Prasanthi Nilayam' Swami said appearing in meditation, 'I will take it'. I went to Prasnthi Nilayam with new clothes and invitation. I knew one person who was in charge of VIPs. I broached the subject with him. 'Will it be possible for you to help me sit in the front line?' I asked.

'There is no chance' he replied, 'you have come for seva. Give the card to Swami when He comes to you to give padanamaskar in the end'.

I considered it. That day, in meditation, Swami appeared and said 'No, not in that line. Sit separately'.

How to get to the front line? During meditation, I prayed to Swami to suggest a way out. 'Manirajan' Swami said; He repeated the word three times. Manirajan was in the mandir. I met him and solicited his help. 'Swami is busy now' he told me, 'better try after the Sports Meet is over'. After the Sports Meet was over, I met him. He arranged for my being seated in the front line. The place that was shown to me was facing east. 'It is customary to do pooja only facing east' I thought, 'so Bhagavan gave me this seat'. Swami came along. In those days, He was walking normally. He took the wedding card and blessed the clothes. He went forward a couple of paces and returned. 'Hope this is for me' He said showing the invitation. 'Sure, Swami' I replied, 'it is for Bhagavan only. Kindly grace the marriage with your visit without fail'.

'I will come' Swami assured me, 'most certainly'. We kept a photograph of Bhagavan in a chair at the venue of the marriage. As the marriage was taking place, turmeric emanated from Swami's photograph indicating Swami's arrival as promised.'

-- Mr. C. Nageswara Kumar

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 29.11.2005.)