Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group V | Mr. D. Mohan

Mr. D. Mohan,
D.T.P. Operator & Printer,
D.No. 4/99, Opposite to SSSIHMS,
Prasanthigram, Puttaparthi - 515134.

Mobile: 98668-91070
E-mail: sairamcom108@yahoo.com

Mr. D. Mohan (57), DTP operator and printer, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'After meddling with starting a journal for children and doing DTP work, I finally settled down in 1977 in Delhi as an employee in a DTP and printing firm. Later, I set up my own business.

I have been hearing about Bhagavan for a long time. I have also read much about His life and messages. But as I was devoted to Lord Balaji, I felt inhibition to place Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the place of Balaji in those days. In fact, I lost many opportunities to have darshan of Bhagavan earlier. I was in Chennai for a long time, but did not attend any darshan session of Bhagavan there. In those days, Bhagavan used to come frequently to Chennai. Once in 1972, I came to Anantapur on some work, but could not avail the opportunity to visit Prasanthi Nilayam. However, I always regarded Bhagavan with reverence and used to pray to Him whenever I was in trouble. The response was also prompt.

In around 1977, I had a feeling that Swami and Balaji are one and the same. Since then, my faith in Bhagavan has been complete.

In 1984, my son Chandra Kumar went away from the house without informing us. We felt anxious for his safety. I used to pray to Bhagavan intensely. Once I broke down and wept before the photograph of Bhagavan. Next day, I found him returning to our house, and I made pranams in my mind gratefully to Swami.

The same year I was coming with copies of some book on Bhagavan we were printing then, when the door of a lorry opened suddenly and hit me. As I was coming speedily, I fell down and copies of the book I was carrying were scattered all over. By Swami's grace, I escaped with minor bruises. The saving aspect was that there was no speeding traffic from behind.

In 1985, we were printing the book on Swami, 'Nara Narayana Guhaasramam'. I was coming on scooter on an urgent errand speeding at 70 kmph. Suddenly I noticed a stone by the side of the divider. A lorry was coming by my side. So, I could not swerve to a side lest I should be run over by the lorry. I tried to apply brakes in vain, and hit the stone and fell on the road. The lorry passed by my side without running over me, but there was a bus coming from behind. The driver applied sudden brakes. The bus came to a scratching halt just within inches from me. I suffered no fracture but only a few injuries. As I lay on the road bleeding helplessly, a hand was trying to lift me up. I found a Sikh gentleman trying to help me on to my feet. He was coming behind in his car, noticed the accident and came forward to help. In Delhi, usually, no one bothers about accidents or victims of accidents. They simply move on. But this gentleman took me in his car to his office, got my injuries attended to and arranged to drop me at my office besides arranging to collect my scooter. I took it to a mechanic. 'Whoever was riding on this must have died on the spot' the mechanic remarked as he looked at the wreck I brought to him, 'it is so badly damaged!' 'I was riding over it when the accident took place' I said. 'Only God saved you' the mechanic said in amazement. True, Bhagavan, the God-Incarnate saved me.

In 1988 or 1989, I don't remember the correct period, my wife Mrs. Rukmini had severe chest-pain. We showed her to several doctors, had many tests done, but the cause could not be diagnosed. We were praying to Bhagavan. We have a brass Ganesh in our house. One day, I performed abhishekam to it, when a red rudraksha emanated from it. That night, Swami appeared to my wife in the dream. 'Do abhishekam to rudraksha' Swami told her, 'and take abhisheka jalam as theertham for three days'. She did likewise. Her chest-pain disappeared in three days without trace.

I came to Prasanthi Nilayam in August 1989 for seva. I bought one photograph of Swami's lotus feet. I spread it before me in the sevadal line seated for padanamaskar and prayed to Bhagavan in my mind to bless it by placing His feet on the photograph. But Swami put His toe only on the photograph and moved on. I took padanamaskar, but forgot to give Swami a letter I wrote. I again prayed to Him kindly to take the letter. Swami came again to me, took the letter and blessed me. After Swami left, I took the photograph, which I felt was wet. I looked around to see if any one sprinkled any water. But there was no water with any one. One of the sevadal sitting by my side said, 'Swami gave you amrit. It is not water'. I was immensely happy to receive His Charanamrit.

Afterwards many miracles happened in our house. Vibhuti and kumkum began to emanate from His photograph. Occasionally, amrit also was oozing. Once we kept a few fruit (sapotas) before His photograph. When we saw next morning, one or two of them were totally hollow meaning that the contents were consumed by Bhagavan.

Once we kept a water melon. Swami ate it and kept the seeds in the corner of the place neatly.

Once I had bleeding of my nose. I did not go to any doctor but applied vibhuti only. The bleeding stopped in a few seconds.

In 1995, I took a medallion with Aum and lingam on it, and sat in the darshan line. Swami came and put His hand on it and blessed.

In 2000, we bought a house-site and placed the documents at the feet of Bhagavan. Next day, we found vibhuti on the second sheet (document). When we placed the house plan at the lotus-feet, pasupu and kumkum emanated thereon.

In 2000, I performed the marriages of our two sons in one month. When we placed the wedding clothes in pooja, there appeared pasupu and kumkum on them. During the marriages, we kept a life size photograph on the stage in the marriage pandal. During the marriages, amrit emanated from it as a mark of Swami's benevolent presence.

In 1996, I was in darshan line at Prasanthi Nilayam. Swami came along and asked 'what do you want?' I said 'vibhuti'. 'I will give' said Swami, and said so three times and moved on. He did not give me any. I was puzzled as well as a little unhappy about Swami not giving vibhuti. I opened Sanathana Sarathi and my attention was drawn to a sentence which stated that 'vibhuti also means aiswarya (prosperity)'. From that day, our financial position has improved and there has been no looking back for me.

In 2002, the marriage of my third son Jaya Kumar took place. It was only after receiving clearance from Bhagavan that he agreed to marry. Bhagavan told him 'santhosham (happy)' when he mentioned to Swami about his intention to marry, and took a letter from him.

My wife intensely prayed to Bhagavan to show her some sign of His presence at the wedding. At the time of the marriage, a lotus flower put on Swami's photograph fell down on its own when my wife was looking at it.

We used to conduct medical camps. One day a lady brought her two months old child to the camp. The head of the child was full of boils. I gave her vibhuti of Swami while doctors gave some ointment. She came to the camp again after a few days. The boils were completely cured, and hair also grew on her head to the delight of all.

In another camp, a person who was bitten long back by a stray dog was brought to us with symptoms of hydrophobia and fever. Doctors said, 'there is no cure for this'. However they gave some medicines. I put vibhuti of Bhagavan in his mouth and gave him a packet of vibhuti. At once, there was sweating, and the temperature came down to normal in a few minutes. Later, we were told that he was completely cured of the disease with vibhuti only. There are several instances known to me where smokers have given up smoking by taking vibhuti whenever they felt the urge to smoke. A few alcoholics have given up drinking by taking vibhuti.

In 2005, we went to Kedarnath. One of the carriers of dollies was having fever. I gave him a little vibhuti. In a few minutes, he was all right owing to Swami's grace.'

-- Mr. D. Mohan

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 20.11.2005.)