Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group V | Mr. K. Madhusudana Setti

Mr. K. Madhusudana Setti,
D. No. 16-149, yerragadda,
Nagarkurnool - 509 209,
Mahabubnagar District.

Mr. K. Madhusudana Setti (59), who retired as Superintendent, Mandala Praja Parishad in Mahabubnagar district, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'My mother's elder sister, Mrs. L. Lakshmidevamma was residing in Prasanthi Nilayam. In my childhood, I used to go to her and spend a few days there. My aunt was in seva in the mandir. So she was called by all as mandiram Lakshmidevamma. The keys of the mandir used to be with her.

In 1958, I came to Prasanthi Nilayam. The next day I had fever. There was a small hospital on the hill by the side of the path to the Museum on the hill. Now Sai Srinivasa Guesthouse stands in its place. I took an injection and came to the mandir. I sat in the verandah. Swami came to me. 'I have fever, Swami!' I told Him. He materialised vibhuti and gave me. 'Don't worry' Swami told me, 'the fever will go away.' Swami went to His room on the first floor. Many were there in the open place waiting to get a glimpse of Bhagavan in case He came on to the balcony. I, too, waited there.

Swami came out and began to throw out mangoes from the balcony to the devotees waiting in the open. I could not catch even one. Then Swami took a mango and threw it at me saying 'this is for you'. I caught it and brought it to my aunt. 'Swami gave this' I said, 'saying this is for you'. 'Eat it' my aunt told me. 'How can I eat it?' I asked, 'I have fever. I should not eat mangoes'. My aunt laughed. 'You can eat anything which Bhagavan gives you' she said, 'it is prasad and does you only good.' I ate the mango. Miraculously, my fever left me without trace.

In 1960, I came here again with my grand parents. We had darshan.

In 1962-63, I came for seva for Dasara. In those days, Swami used to give badges personally to volunteers. We had to tie them to our arms. I received the badge from His Divine hand.

I came again in 1966. There was a photograph of Bhagavan in the mandir. Swami was in the balcony. He showed that photograph to me by holding it up. I was down below in the open. 'Take this' Swami said, 'but there are some nails to it on the top, to hold garlands. If I drop it, you may get hurt by nails while catching it. Will you come up and take it?'

'Drop it, Swami!' I said, 'I will catch'. Swami dropped. I caught it without any problem owing to His grace. 'Take this also' Swami said throwing at me a sandal garland for the photograph. I brought both the photograph and the garland home. I used to do daily pooja to the photograph. So I was late daily to the school, and was getting caned by the teacher for late-coming. Yet, I did not give up pooja.

In 1964, I went for seva again. One day Swami called me. In those days, there used to be a big idol of Krishna in the mandir. The shoulders of Krishna were covered by a decorative cloth in parrot green which had jari border. Swami took it from the idol and presented it to me. Later He gave me a dhoti also. My aunt got a shirt made by cutting the dhoti into two pieces. Swami laughed heartily when He saw me enter the bhajan mandir in the new dress.

I used to take part in agricultural operations in my village Kollapur of Gantraopalli taluk. I was very tired one day in 1966, and wanted to go to Prasanthi Nilayam to take rest. I came here. At that time, a Veda Pathasala was under construction at the place where the temple of Subrahmanya now stands. Devotees who came for darshan were doing seva by carrying bricks, etc. 'Go and do that' Swami told me, 'carry bricks'. Though I wanted to enjoy rest, I had to work willingly as Swami instructed thus. 'Rest is rust', Swami tells us often.

Once I was in the mandir. Swami sat in His chair and was staring at me. I could not stand His powerful gaze. So, I turned my eyes to some other direction.

'I was looking at you' Swami told me the next day, 'why were you looking here and there?' He then materialized vibhuti and gave me. Later, I saw a film on Shirdi Sai in which Sai shows the vision of the sun and the moon in the eyes of a Tahsildar. 'What a golden opportunity I missed' I regretted later, 'had I continued to look at Him, He would have blessed me with some vision.'

One day, a drop of blood came when I was brushing my teeth. But I did not tell Swami about it. 'Are you worried that there was blood in your mouth?' Swami asked me during that morning darshan, 'don't worry. Nothing will happen'

Swami used to call me for interview each time I came here from 1964 to 1969. Once during an interview, I saw Him materialize a ring for an aged lady. 'How I wish Swami gave me also one? I thought wistfully. Swami then turned to me and asked, 'do you also want a ring?' 'Yes Swami!' I replied. 'Not a ring for you' Swami told me and materialized His visiting card bearing His photograph and address. 'Keep this always in your pocket' He told me. After He gave me the photographed card, I met with two or three accidents and escaped with minor injuries only. I have that card with me even now.

My wedding took place on February 19, 1965. I was at Prasanthi Nilayam up to one day before my marriage. 'All are waiting for you' Swami told me, 'go to your place for your wedlock'. Swami called us for interview when we went for His blessings after marriage. Before marriage, He blessed the new wedding clothes. In the interview, Swami observed 'ladies are always jealous.' 'Why did Swami say so?' I asked my wife. 'Because your character is doubtful' she replied. We can not hide anything before the Lord.

In 1967, I went to Prasanthi Nilayam when Swami called me for interview. 'Kindly write a letter to me' I prayed to Swami'. Swami wrote a reply to my letter.'

-- Mr. K. Madhusudana Setti

As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 02.12.2005)