Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group V | Mr. Kadali Krishna Murthy

Mr. Kadali Krishna Murthy,
Mipalavari Veedhi,
Kovvuru - 534 350
West Godavari District, A.P

Tel: 08813-233350

Mr. Kadali Krishna Murthy (69), a retired teacher, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'A friend of mine gave me a copy of the book, 'Sathyam Sivam Sundaram' by late Mr. N. Kasturi in the late fifties. When I started glancing through the book, I found it so absorbing that I got up to take meals only after reading a considerable extent at a stretch. That is how I first learnt about Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and His inspiring life and message.

Around 1958, I had the good fortune of visiting Prasanthi Nilayam. I had darshan of Bhagavan for the first time.

In 1965, I was instrumental in starting bhajans at Pekedu when I was posted as a teacher there. I am glad that the bhajans have become very popular over years and a mandir also has come up there with the efforts of devotees, and grace of Bhagavan.

In 1968, I had a dream in which Bhagavan appeared and taught me the bhajan song 'Govinda jai jai Gopala jai jai Radha Ramana Hari Govinda jai jai' for a considerable time. I did not hear that song earlier. The same year I came to Prasanthi Nilayam when I heard the same song being sung during bhajan in the same way Bhagavan had taught me. I was wonderstruck.

I had an attack of typhoid when I was 18 years old. As I was kept on complete fast but for some liquid diet, I became very lean and weak. I began to feel constriction of heart also. I went to several doctors and took medicines, but they were of no avail except providing some temporary relief. I suffered for several years. One day, Swami appeared in my dream after my repeated prayers. I mentioned my problem and prayed to Him to cure me. Swami said 'light meals' three times. Though I was a devotee those days, I had not developed necessary faith and wisdom to comply with Swami's instructions scrupulously. As a result, I continued to suffer. Bhagavan came to Palakollu and delivered His Divine Discourse in which He said, 'I don't appear in any one's dreams except by my sankalpa. Therefore, whatever I tell you either directly or in dreams ought to be followed up in your own interest'. Then I began to think over what Swami had told me in my dream years ago. I began taking light meals and, within a few days, my heart constriction released by itself without any medication by Bhagavan's grace.

In 1985, I had an idea to start a library mainly for students, with Swami's books and some text books, in Icompudi where I was working at that time. I bought a house there. 'But, where to locate the library? How to run it?' I prayed to Bhagavan for guidance. One night, I had a dream in which Swami appeared. I told Swami about my proposal and solicited His guidance. 'Why not locate it in the verandah of your house?' Swami asked me, 'run it with your salary'. So I started the library in my house and began to maintain it. I did so as long as I resided in that village.

In 1985, I had developed headache. Doctors opined I had cervical spondylitis which was provoking the headache. Medication was not of much help. I suffered for about 18 years. Finally, I turned to Bhagavan and prayed to Him intensely, unable to withstand the severity of its attacks. Swami appeared in my dream and said 'do pradakshinas to Ganesh temple and the peepal tree in Prasanthi Nilayam'. I began to do so. Within ten days, there was marked relief, and I was rid of it gradually. Even if it raises its ugly head now and then, the severity of attack is no more there as in earlier times.

In April 2005, I slipped and broke my knee cap. It was broken into four pieces. Usually, in such cases, they replace the knee cap with an artificial one. In such cases, one needs to undergo physiotherapy. Even so, the chances of regaining normal gait in walk may be bleak sometimes. Owing to Swami's grace, I have regained the normal gait in walk. No one would even suspect that I had fractured knee cap.'

-- Mr. Kadali Krishna Murthy.

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 18.11.2005.)