Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group V | Mr. Mukundam

Mr. Mukundam,
Via Tandoor, Rangareddy District.

Mr. Mukundam (48), a businessman, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan.

'I belong to a lower middle class family. I have been in private employment with a salary of Rs. 1,500. I used to attend bhajans in Tandoor. Some persons told me that vibhuti and akshatalu emanated from the photograph of Swami in Mr. J. Srimantha Rao's house at Tandoor. 'Such things should not be believed' I said, 'how can vibhuti or anything emanate from a photograph?'

One day, I had bhajan conducted in our house. After all of them went away, we were cleaning the house. Actually, when I say 'house' it is just only one room. Suddenly, I noticed some white patch on the photograph of Bhagavan I thought some of those that attended might have put it on the picture, as kumkum and haldi were sprinkled. I cleaned it completely with a towel.

A few minutes after attending to some work, I looked at the photograph. To my amazement, vibhuti was there as before. I wiped it again, and in a few minutes it was back. I pooh-poohed emanation of vibhuti at other places. Now, it emanated in my own house. What to say now except to surrender to Him accepting His leelas!

I borrowed money from a Bank and set up stone polishing works, but I ran into losses. As I could not clear the loan, the Bank went to court and brought attachment to the machinery. I was attending court as per adjournments. Some people advised me to meet the top person of the Bank at Hyderabad and arrive at a compromise. I wanted to go the next day but I had to go to court. I went to the court and my case was again adjourned. I then went to the chief of the Bank at Hyderabad. He went through my file and asked me how much I was willing to pay. I told him 'Rs.15000'. 'What is your income?' he asked me, 'and what are you doing now?' 'I am in private employment earning Rs. 1500 p.m.' I replied. 'With that income, what will you eat? How you will live if you pay all that to us?' he asked, 'well! I will waive the whole loan'.

'Thank you sir!' I said, 'but if we leave the loan unpaid, we will have to be born again to clear it. So let me pay back the loan to the extent possible'.

He laughed at what I said, 'ok I will do one thing' he told me, 'I will waive all the interest. You pay Rs.500 per month and I will release your machinery, which will help you to earn some additional income.'

He got the orders typed then and there and gave me. As I was thanking Bhagavan, he asked me one question. 'These days there is lot of security' he said, 'you have come up three floors to meet me. There must have been people to check who is coming and going at least at eight places including one before my room. How could you come to me?'

'I did not see any one' I replied, 'no one stopped me anywhere. I didn't know your room. I just came here as if led by some unknown force. It didn't strike me till you asked me this question how I could locate your room straight.'

Then I said 'Sairam' to take leave of him when I noticed Bhagavan's photograph on his table as confirmation of my premise that Swami was leading me to the right place and the right man.

In my house, I kept on one Thursday a glass of milk for Swami. After bhajan, I took off the lid only to find, to my excitement, that the level of milk in the glass came down by about one third. From then onwards, I used to put a glass of milk daily and the level used to get reduced. This matter became the talk of the town. One day a non-believer came to my house. He took a glass of milk and sealed it with a wrapper. He signed on it. 'Now you keep it before the picture' he told me,' I will come tomorrow and see'.

I prayed to Bhagavan. Next morning he was in front of my house even before we woke up. He carefully examined the wrapper and his signature to ascertain if we had tampered with the seal. He opened the wrapper carefully ensuring that he did not spill even a drop. We were looking with bated breath when he finally removed the lid. The level was down nearly by half. He was non-plussed as we began to shout in elation 'Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Babaji ki jai'.'

-- Mr. Mukundam.

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 18.11.2005.)