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Mrs. Mayfair Agyeman (60), who retired as paramedical staff, relates a few of her experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in her own words.

'I had no idea of Sri Sathya Sai Baba till 1984. At that time, I had a family problem and prayed to Jesus Christ being a Christian. I was sitting alone in my work place in London. Suddenly, a book appeared on the table before me. On the cover is the picture of someone with a typical hair-do. I do not know how the book suddenly came there. I wondered who the person on the cover was. As I was looking at the picture on the cover of the book, a bright light beamed as if some powerful light was focussed on it. It was so for a few moments. I picked up the book: 'Living Divinity' by Sakuntala Balu. I took it home and began to read it. That is how I learnt about Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, for the book is about Him carrying His picture on the cover. As I was looking at the picture in my work place when the book first appeared, the person in the picture, that is, Baba smiled at me. That added to my wonder and bewilderment.

As I went through the book, I found more and more about His miracles. Each one of them is incredible. I thought that those stories are not worth believing. 'I believe them' I thought, 'if He appears in my dream'. That night He came in my dream. Not only that night, but also every night thereafter, for weeks on.

One night, Swami told me 'you have a treasure in the back garden'. Naturally I thought that some dump of gold and diamonds remained buried in the garden in our backyard. So I dug and dug. There was none. Swami appeared in my dream again. 'Are you digging very hard?' He asked, 'dig, dig.' I continued to dig in the garden. Then Swami appeared in my dream. 'Garden means your body' Swami told me, 'and treasure means atma. You have to meditate and contemplate purposefully to find who you are.'

In 1987, my husband and I came to India with a medical team. When I found the book of Sakuntala Balu on Swami, my family problem was solved, and has not recurred. My husband and I turned pure vegetarian after we became Sai devotees. We went to Ooty to have darshan of Bhagavan, as He was there at that time. On the night of our arrival in Ooty, I had a dream. 'Get all your people' Swami said in the dream, 'I will call you'. Next morning we went for darshan with our entire group. Swami called us for interview. I was amazed to find in the interview room the same persons whom I saw in the dream seated. In the interview room, swami materialized vibhuti and gave us all. He materialized some articles like rings, lockets and chains for some. I saw clearly Swami materialize things right before my eyes.

Swami appeared that night in my dream. 'Come to Kodaikanal' He told me, 'I am going there'. I told my husband. 'We have come in a group' he said, 'let us adhere to the programme of the group and return to London'. 'When Swami told me' I insisted, 'I must obey. I will stay on'. I stayed on while all of them left. I went to Kodaikanal with Bhagavan. Swami used to come out when we could have darshan from close quarters and there was not much of crowd. When He came in front of me, two devotees by my side touched His feet. Meanwhile, He passed a few paces forward. I touched the floor where He put His feet a few moments earlier when I felt an inexplicable sensation of bliss.

When I was going back to my room, I noticed a strange phenomenon, the most incredible one. My feet were not touching the ground as I walked. I was just floating. The impact of touch of the ground where Bhagavan laid His feet was so powerful that I could feel the touch of ground under my feet only in the evening that day. Whenever I think of Him intensely or whenever my heart is filled with pure love, that experience of floating returns. It has happened on a few occasions.

Later, I returned to London. Sometime after that I had a dream. 'I will give you something' Swami told me. He specified what He would give me - something very powerful, the embodiment of supreme power. After that He used to tell me in my dreams a message repeatedly 'not much time is left.' Swami used to tell me in my dreams 'before the advent of golden age, there will be worldwide destruction. Every 5000 years this happens. You must do bhajan and seva. But bhajan alone will not give salvation. You must meditate. It's important. I am preparing devotees by my teachings and guidance. This is the best and the last chance to be groomed as a devotee. Prema Sai will collect devotees for Sathya Yuga'.

In 2000, I came to Prasanthi Nilayam for Sivarathri. I witnessed lingodbhavam. Akhanda-bhajan was going on in the night. I felt tired and went back to my room and slept. In the early hours, I woke up as I heard a sound as if a jumbo-jet was approaching. There were severe vibrations. The noise neared and entered my room causing intensified vibrations. Outwardly, everything was still. Then the noise left the room gradually. It went over the hills, hit them with a boom and reverberated. It began to come back towards my room. I was frightened. The noise neared and neared, and entered my room this time gently and softly. I felt it move all over me gently, soothingly and softly. I experienced its wavelike caressing movement all over my body. Then it gradually left the room. I quickly put on my gown, and went out following it to Sai Kulwanth Hall. Swami was there in the Hall. The linga that had emanated from Swami was also there on the glass kept on the table. I could feel that vibrating sound softly engulf all men and women in the hall, and then collect itself to come back unified to merge in Swami. 'What is it Swami?' I asked when Swami came into my dream next time. 'It is Omkara, the Pranava, the Supreme Energy' He replied.

Four days after Sivarathri, Swami called me for interview. He materialized a golden chain with a medallion on it. He put it personally around my neck. On one side of the medallion is the picture of Bhagavan. On the other side is Aum - the source of Supreme Power. Was this what Swami had promised to give me long back?

In 2001, one Muslim girl was admitted in the hospital in which I was working in London. She was stabbed by her husband three times. She was profusely bleeding. She was operated upon, but the surgeons could not locate the injuries inside causing the bleeding. 'Seems we are losing her' they were murmuring. I was then in another wing. I heard about this case. I went there even though it did not come under my purview officially.

When I saw her pitiable plight, I felt sorry. 'Swami, her children need her' I prayed to Him, 'she is quite young. Spare her life'. I could not apply vibhuti as it was not allowed. The surgeons were still struggling when I saw Swami behind them peeping into the wounds. Suddenly, the blood on the incisions inside ceased and surgeons could locate which openings of the stab wounds they need apply sutures. In a minute, the bleeding stopped. The surgeons heaved a sigh. The lady was shifted to the intensive care where there was a Sai devotee on duty. She took care of her chanting 'Sairam' all night. The patient could sit on her bed by morning. 'It is amazing' the doctors thought, 'her recovery is nothing short of a miracle'. They guessed correctly though they did not know that it was Sai who had brought about that miracle.

In 2002, a little girl of four years was operated in our hospital. After that she was crying non-stop. Doctors could not identify the cause why she was crying like that. Though this case was not in my wing, I went there. Owing to Swami's grace, it struck me that the child was having some reaction to the medication, causing pain. I took a piece of gauge cloth, poured some water on it and applied it on the forehead of the child, chanting inaudibly 'Sairam'. Within a few minutes, she stopped crying to the amazement of her mother as well as the hospital staff present. Then the child left the lap of her mother, came to me and put her head on my chest listening to 'Sairam' emanating in a low sound. She then slept peacefully and gradually recovered well.

'What did you do to that child?' my colleagues asked me, 'her stopping to cry and her speedy recovery are amazing' 'I recited a mantra' I told them, 'that worked the miracle'. 'Oh! well!' they exclaimed, 'why not you tell us that mantra? Does it work for us also?' 'The mantra I chant is simple' I told them, 'Sairam' - that's all. It will work for all'.

Swami came one day in my dream and asked me to come to Prasanthi Nilayam. This was in 2003. During darshan, Swami came along when I felt like being lifted up into my astral body. I was looking down on my body down below from above. Swami, while walking along darshan line, looked up at my astral body with a smile.

I came to Prasanthi Nilayam likewise as per Swami's guidance given me in dreams in 2004 and 2005 also.

Earlier, I wrote a book on my experiences. When I went to Prasanthi Nilayam in 2000, I took the manuscript with me. Swami called me for interview. I held the manuscript in my hand. Swami took it and glanced through it. Its title is 'West to East'. 'I want to publish it Swami' I said. 'Do it' Swami said. Then he materialised vibhuti and gave me. 'You are going to be ill' He told me, 'don't worry. Take this vibhuti for three days. Everything will be all right'. I took it for three days. Afterwards, swami went to Brindavan. I too followed Him to Brindavan.

While I was at Brindavan, I began to feel pain in legs. From my hips downward, the pain spread. I was afraid that I would be paralysed hips downward. But owing to Swami's grace, nothing of the sort happened. When Pranava - Aum came in the form of vibrations to my room, I followed it till Sai Kulwanth Hall in the early hours treading on it, which was a sacrilege. Perhaps, my illness was due to that karmic load, I thought. It took eight months before I was healed completely. During that period, I did not take any medicine but I used to pray to Bhagavan intensely. I used to see Lord Hanuman before me when I woke up. He, however, neither talked to me nor did anything except blessing me as if assuring that there was no need to worry.'

-- Mrs. Mayfair Agyeman
(African name: Yaa Owusu)

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 30.11.2005.)