Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group V | Ms. Gayathri Amarnath

Ms. Gayathri Amarnath, I B.Com (Hons),
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning,
Anantapur Campus.

Ms. Gayathri Amarnath, a student of the First Year B.Com (Hons) of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur Campus narrates a few of her experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in her own words.

'Parents give us the gift of life, and bear much hardship to bring us up. We can feel God's presence and experience His touch of love through our parents. Yet, sometimes, we tend to forget the love they constantly shower on us. I enjoyed the shower of parental love abundantly. Life was full of joy. I had everything that I wanted till … the day I lost my mother forever. I was shattered. My father tried to fill the void created by the loss of my mother. He introduced me to Swami and told me to look up to Him as my mother. I promptly obeyed and assumed Bhagavan to be my mother.

Days rolled by. In June 2005, I got admission in the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. I was depressed at the thought of leaving the protective environment of my home and my dear father. My father told me 'all these days, Swami has been your mother. But, from now on, He will also be your father.' So saying, he encouraged me to be bold. I joined the college with enthusiasm. But, I became homesick and felt depressed after sometime. I lost concentration and I found gaps in my understanding of the lectures.

One morning, as I tried to study, I discovered how much I had missed by not listening in the class. During the recess, disturbed and dejected, I sat under a tree and thought 'if I had my parents with me, my day would have definitely been better.' My worries ate my appetite, and I skipped lunch. I desperately wanted to call home. So, that evening, I went to the office room to ask the teacher-in-charge if I could call home just once. She was already talking to someone over the phone when I entered. Unable to hear clearly, she was asking loudly 'sir, Gayathri - which year?' Hearing my name, I thought this was a sheer coincidence and snatched the receiver instantly. Hearing my father's voice made me happy. No longer homesick, I thanked the teacher and left.

After a few days, I got my usual turn to call home. As I was speaking, I casually mentioned how happy I had felt after I had spoken to him the other day. But, to my surprise, he denied having called up. He was bewildered at my repeated questioning and said emphatically that he hadn't called up. Confused, I left the place. But the confusion did not last long. It suddenly struck me that if it wasn't my physical father, it could only have been 'my divine father'. I then recalled the potent message imparted to me that day. My 'Father' had enquired 'if I had had lunch', and when I had replied in the negative, He had said that it would upset Him if I didn't take care of myself. He had even mentioned that I must always turn to Swami for solace, as only He could give the required help. He had said 'this Father will not like you to skip meals. This Father wants you to study well. You should not be moody. Be happy.' Indeed, Swami had stepped into the voice of my father to give me comfort that day.

As Swami's students, our foremost duty lies in being ideal children to our parents. Bhagavan says 'parent means to pay rent'. I have learnt my lesson. It is necessary to pay the rent of respect and gratitude to the physical and the Divine parent.'

-- Ms. Gayathri Amarnath

(As extracted from the souvenir Ananta Prematarangini published by the Anantapur Campus of the SSSIHL on the occasion of the 80th Birthday of Bhagavan)