Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group V | Ms. Smitha Sharma

Ms. Smitha Sharma,
Student, III B.A.,
Anantapur Campus, SSSIHL,

Ms. Smitha Sharma (20), a student of the Anantapur Campus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur, narrates a few experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in her own words.

'On the 13th October 2004, my father met with an accident in Delhi. Some good samaritans brought him home. As we were new to the place, my mother was not familiar with Delhi routes. She was alone in the house when my father was brought in chanting 'Sairam'. She stepped out of the house wondering how and where to go with the injured husband. Then an auto-rickshaw driver approached her on his own saying 'want to go to hospital?' He took them to one of the big hospitals in the city driving through streets unfamiliar to my mother. Without leaving them, he offered to accompany them into the hospital and even met a few doctors to discuss the course of action for my father's treatment.

My mother felt immensely grateful for the concern the auto-driver evinced and the help he extended. As she turned round to pay him the auto-rickshaw fare, he was nowhere to be found. 'Swami' my mother assumed, 'came in the guise of an auto-rickshaw driver to help her in time responding to her prayer'.

The doctor examined the injuries - particularly, the leg injury. 'His leg' the doctor declared, 'will be useless for the rest of his life. There is nothing that can be done about it.' It was a rude shock to my parents. After preliminary medication, they returned home. My mother was agitated and saddened by what the doctor told her. My mother was praying to Swami desperately. That night she had a dream. 'I am with you' Swami told her in the dream, 'don't worry'. After a few days, doctors at Ramalaya Hospital, Delhi examined my father again. They were wonderstruck for the blood circulation in the leg of my father was normal, and he could move it freely.'

-- Ms. Smitha Sharma

(Source: Ananta Prema Tarangini published by the Anantapur Campus of the SSSIHL on the occasion of Bhagavan's 80th Birthday.)